The Team

Celestial Revelations is the publishing house for all my channelled books, now and in the future. We are a member of the Australian Publishers Association and the Small Publishers Network.

The team has got stronger with three experts. Pam is my channelling facilitator, Martin is the book series editor, Luke is the book and cover designer and Stephen is the social media guru.   As our name suggests, ‘books by spirits’…

Pam Holland


As my channelling facilitator, Pam ensures my wellbeing while I am channelling as well as putting all the necessary questions to the entity we happen to be working with.

Pam – ‘I am really pleased to be working with Anthea. When I started I knew very little about channelling, and haven’t I leant a lot! I am a retired town planner and over the years I worked all over Australia where I also experienced so much. Nowadays I am happy to play grandma to my seven grandkids, well the  older ones are adults now.

‘Because Anthea and I live 2000 kms apart, we mostly work via Skype but when we do get together we make the most of the opportunity by doing as many sessions as we can. As with any working environment, face-to-face is far more friendly and productive and our spirit guides also seem to prefer this too. Altogether we have proved to be a really great team, and long may it continue.’


Martin Jones

Martin is a British freelance editor, who also provides a full range of publishing services to clients, and has experience in a wide range of genres from religious and business non-fiction to historical and fantasy fiction. Despite being halfway across the world from me, working with Martin has proved to be a real joy, and haven’t I leant a lot from him! Contact him on


Luke Harris

Luke is an experienced graphic designer who creates book design solutions. As the director of WorkingType Studio ( he designs the covers and interior layouts for all our books. Luke’s absolute inspirational moment was to use the Turner paintings as the cover artwork for The Soul on the Ceiling.


Stephen Burrows

Stephen is an experienced global and international IT technology expert who has changed his life’s course to do a fine art degree. I am privileged that he agreed to bring his expertise to the tiny world of our social media needs. Both his technological and creative skills are in evidence with every post on Instagram and Facebook.