Jesus Speaks series

Jesus Speaks Series

This series comprises two books:


The Gospel Truth – from birth to the crucifixion – the first 30 years

Did Jesus travel to India and Egypt?

Did Jesus marry Mary Magdalene and have children?
To quote the Qur’an (4:157) where the truth has lain hidden in plain sight for over 1500 years:

‘And they did not kill him, nor did they crucify him; but another was made to resemble him to them.’

Have a look at the book’s contents to get some clues to these questions – and more.


Lost Myths – from the crucifixion to death – the second 30 years

What did Jesus do after escaping from the Romans?

Where did he travel and why?

Where did he die?

Have a look at the contents of this book  – guaranteed to intrigue!