Be prepared to have your beliefs challenged



Over the last few years and well into the future we are going to be channelling and publishing books which are largely biographies of well-known religious figures. These are human stories with no references to any religions that the story-teller was associated with. They are mostly Christian figures but with the chance that other religions’ elders will also speak their truths.

There is one unifying thread behind all these stories. They are told in the hope that they will generate some understanding that can contribute to peace in the world. A big ambition indeed, but we publish them in the hope that every small contribution can make a difference. They are expected to appear in the following order.

The Soul on the Ceiling – a unique book about souls and reincarnation, illustrated through the planning journal of a young soul for preparing his next life.

Matthew the Scribe – another succinct but exciting and amazing story

John the Baptiser – his biography giving the reality behind the development of the baptism ritual.

Peter the Apostle – this story is part-way through

Paul the Rock – not yet started

Jesus Speaks series – his biography spanning two books and 60 or more years! No, he didn’t die on the cross and yes, he did marry Mary Magdalene with whom he had three children.

All these books currently seek a publisher.

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