Have you lived before??

Have you ever considered the possibility of past lives? The idea the we have lived many times prior to this life. This is a Buddhist concept called reincarnation, but for me it transcends religion. It has been a normal part of my life for many years, as natural as breathing. My concept is that when … Read More


Atomic energy

In high school physics we were taught the theory behind atomic physics. Bearing in mind that this was in the 1960s, when atomic energy theory and practice was still relatively new. I was riveted by this theory. I just couldn’t get enough of it, and for someone who wasn’t particularly good at physics, this was … Read More


Port – as in wine

  I am passionate about port – as in wine not ships. It is the most luxurious, luxuriant, soul-caressing drink ever invented. Now the cynic might say, yeah, that’s because it is high in alcohol (typically 18%). If I just wanted to get pissed I could knock back any spirit with an even higher alcohol … Read More


Passions and past lives

  Have you ever wondered why we are passionate about certain things in our lives? I distinguish passions from skills for the sake of this conversation. Skills you could attribute to your genes, eg your grandfather and your mother were both skilled musicians as are you today. Passions however are more disconnected. My brother for … Read More

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