passion-wordle-1Passions and Past Lives  –  Part 1


Have you ever wondered why we are passionate about certain things in our lives? I distinguish passions from skills for the sake of this conversation. Skills you could attribute to your genes, eg your grandfather and your mother were both skilled musicians as are you today.

Passions however are more disconnected. My brother for instance is a traffic engineer who designs safety aspects of roads and junctions when he is not designing new parking signs. Pretty dry and dreary to most of us but he remains as passionate about this work as he was 40 years ago before university. No genetics there I can tell you!

So perhaps it develops from something we read, or something we learnt at school or something a friend was interested in or an idea dropped into a passing conversation. All of those are possible in a left-brained kind of way. But perhaps there is something more. Perhaps it is chicken and egg. A topic that suddenly sparked our interest  is the flint stone to light an already existing, more deep-seated but until now dormant passion. And if that is the case from whence did that passion come in the first place??

To be continued…

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