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 A message from Anthea


I am passionate about many things in my life – wine, port, fountain pens, old manuscripts, just for starters. The connections must run long and deep because nearly 50 years ago, I married into one of Australia’s oldest wine families. My in-laws moved to a town near Rutherglen (Australia) which still today produces most of Australia’s best fortified wines, including port. Given that I grew up in an alcohol-free home, you have to wonder where on earth has this passion come from? Well, it has taken me many years to answer that question.

I had been living in England for ten years before my in-laws came to visit, giving me a cast-off book, Out on a Limb by Shirley MacLaine. What a revelation that was; an absolute pivotal moment which changed my life forever. After that I couldn’t get enough of anything spiritual. Over the next 30 years I devoured whatever I could read, went to weekend workshops and did endless training courses. When I was in my 40s, I succumbed to chronic fatigue. It took me four years to discover the miracle of Reiki – that was the other turning point. So my immersion has covered:

Training in transcendental meditation

Qualified as a Reiki practitioner

Psychic abilities workshops

Past life workshops with Denise Linn

Undertaken numerous past life regressions with several practitioners

Managing a past-life regression stand at Mind Body Spirit (MBS) festivals

Membership of the Victorian Spiritualist Union

But none of this answers that first question – where do these passions come from?

Through my experiences with past-life regressions, I have come to understand just what a huge influence they are in everybody’s life. I now know that I have had several lives making port in Portugal and – this is not a co-incidence – a significant life in the early days of wine-making in Rutherglen!

In order to undergo a regression, you must work with a trained practitioner who first induces some degree of trance and relaxation. Ten years ago, I started doing these regressions quite frequently and in due course I discovered that I could spontaneously induce this state on my own. From this point it was but a minor hop to be able to channel.

Over quite some years I had also been working in the UK in marketing communications which proved to be a great grounding for the writing that has followed since. I was published numerous times in my field and since then I have completed my Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing, edited books for several published authors, and co-authored two non-spiritual books. My passion for writing has also come from many lives as a scribe in European Catholic monasteries over hundreds of years and one life as a scribe in the Qumran community. Perhaps now you can see how this has all woven together to bring me to the point of channelling, writing and publishing The Soul on the Ceiling. And there are more thought-provoking, even provocative and challenging, books to come.



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