Welcome to Celestial Revelations


Ever wondered about the truth of historical religious figures like the disciples?

Confused about reincarnation or the afterlife? Too many conflicting views and possibilities?

Studied researched accounts of religious truths but only got more confused?

This is the place for the genuine answers…


Our books are all channelled providing answers to all these questions and more.

The first book, The Soul on the Ceiling, is an easy read, encyclopedic collection of answers to every question possible about souls, past lives and reincarnation. Following on, there will also be biographies of the human, non-religious lives of at least the following people, as told by themselves:

  • John the Baptist
  • Peter
  • Matthew
  • Paul the Apostle
  • Fathers from Eastern Orthodox churches
  • And others…

These religious figures all want their truths to be a trigger towards world peace.